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Tales From the Hills and Hollers, Vol 1 is a book of fifteen short stories of people living in Mid-west America whose lives and stories are a part of history that makes up this great country, America.  This book was made possible  possible because of the people who have stopped long enough to tell the stories that would have been lost in the graves of those who lived them.  In the good and the bad, a picture develops that brings a cross section of American life that any one of us could have been a part.  These are stories of the people who make up America

You’re going to love the stories in my second book,             Tales from the Hills and Hollers, Vol 2

This is a collection of stories that I couldn’t bear to leave buried with those who lived them.  Mid-America was built on the legacy of the tough but ordinary individuals who drove a stake in the ground to claim a place in this vast land.  These are stories about the lives of men and women who helped to build this great land.  In their lives we can find humor and drama, chaos and trama, that could be a speck taken from the lives of any one of us.

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Enjoy reading A Mysterious Light in a Land Defiled, the story about a winter not seen in a hundred years that left cities in chaos and disarray. A winter that left cities pummeled by corruption and mismanagement forcing police forces and fire departments to downsize and maintenance crews reduced to just a skeleton.  Homes and businesses were left with no option but to protect themselves.

Copper thieves brought darkness to abandoned streets.  Arches of ice frozen in space hung above broken water lines.  Trees that had stood for a hundred years succumbed to the overburden of ice and snow and fell blocking streets and crushing houses. Depleted police and fire crews could no longer render help to desperate citizens forcing thousands of families deprived of heat and water, to gather what they could and head for warmer places to the south.

It was amidst this turmoil and uncertainty that Otis invited his friends and anyone searching for a safe haven to join him on a ranch he claimed as his own. They said they came in peace… they brought mayhem and chaos.

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or you can continue reading about how I, a transplant from big cities to the outer limits of civilization in the hills of Arkansas came up with these heartwarming stories.


“I walked into the kitchen with the book I had just bought,” said one young man.  My mom asked what I had and snatched it out of  my hand. It was two days before I got it back because she had to read it twice.”


I was a product of some huge municipalities where people are “civilized.”  I never knew much about hillbillies except that they were uneducated, dirty, and uncivilized according to my TV.

Well, my face is red!

I see lots of people from these hills wearing overalls held up by one strap over their shoulder.  And I see lots of them who are covered with sweat and a pinch of Skoal pushing out from their bottom lip like the men in my story in Vol 1, “Repo Man.”  This is the story of a banker who worked up a toxic loan that “went south.”  In desperation he convinced the bank President that he should personally re-possess the six tractor trailer rigs that had landed in a tiny town in Arkansas.  It is the story of a “suit and tie man” who worked through the culture shock and learned of the strengths and wisdom and sometimes ingenious ways  of the people who inhabit these hills.

Uneducated?  Ha!

You can’t get a PhDLL degree (Doctor of Living Large) while sitting in a classroom.

I’ve tried scraping a living off this rugged, rock strewn, precipitous land without getting dirty.  I’ve shucked my shirt and let my overalls hang by one strap to get a little cool air circulating over my grimy, sweating body.  And criticize these men and women for dipping a pinch of Skoal or sipping on a bottle of hooch?

Not on my life, ’cause these are men and women who have forged a code of ethics that has allowed them to survive.  They are like the bag lady in Vol 1 “For a Roll of Lifesavers” who bought a bottle of Rum every day then stole a roll of life savers to even the odds.    It was Omar, the new owner who learned about the self-sacrificing nature of the customers such as “The Man” who defied anyone to push their way to the head of the line of customers waiting for the store to open each morning.

Omar overlooked the healthy profit he made each day on the sale when one day in a fit of disdain, he caught this theft and drove a devoted customer away.  After weeks of searching his own heart he began to better understand the nature of those who some call lowlifes.  It was from them he learned his greatest lesson.

Long before sunup on a dismal day he desperately searched for this lonely woman who he found snuggled up against a rain soaked hedge.

“I came to get you Mary,” Omar said lifting her into his arms. “You didn’t deserve what I gave you, and you don’t deserve this.”

Pushcart Mary looked up and smiled. She reached out and pulled her wrinkled hand across the stubble on his face. “You be a good man, Mr. Omar. You be a good man. My Louis tell me you be worried. You be a good man, Mr. Omar.”

“Omar drove silently into the parking lot beside his store. He threw open his door and rushed around the front of his car to open Pushcart Mary’s door. He held out his hand to her and helped her to the pavement. Together they walked arm in arm across the lot to the front of the store.

There was a hushed silence along the line of customers who stared as the duo walked up.

“The Man,” Omar said with a broad smile, “I need your help. You are still “The Man,” but from now on I want you to make sure Pushcart Mary gets to stand at the head of the line.”

“The Man” thought for a moment, then a big grin spread across his face.

“No sir,” he said, “you da man, Mr. Omar.” He reached into his pocket and pulled a roll of lifesavers from his pocket. He held them up between his finger and thumb for everyone to see.

“Lifesavers anyone? From now on Pushcart Mary can get her own.”

These are men and women who have dug wells and chiseled roads through layers of rock on the side of a bluff with a pick and shovel.  Their gardens were planted by hand and the produce carried to town and sold from the back of a wagon. They have built their homes from timber they’ve dragged from the woods with a mule then sawed by hand.  And they have raised their children in these rugged Hills and Hollers of Mid-America in such a way that they will maintain the place their ancestors have cut out for them.


“I read about the Barmaid in High Heels and couldn’t stop laughing.  But when I came to an An Angel Sent, I couldn’t hold back the tears,” said a man who runs a dozer.


Barmaid in High Heels

She was big and she was beautiful and every man slurping on a mug of beer knew that he was her favorite.  But the stranger sitting alone counting bubbles in the foam as he waited for the last call, looked to her like a giant.



You can read about this and other stories in my two books, Tales from the Hills and Hollers, Vol 1 & Vol 2   These are books of short stories about ordinary people who make up our homeland.  They are books that children and adults can enjoy as the enjoy the contributions both good and bad of who could easily be like you and me.  Just click on the button below and begin a fun journey reading about people just like you and me.

What a distorted picture I once harbored of a “Hillbilly,” ’cause now I can proudly say, “I are one!”

In these books I have captured stories of men and women and their families who have forged a place at the table of the America I love.  These are stories that I could no longer leave on the floor in some lonely hut or dangling on a hook resting on the bottom of a fetid pond. They are tales that I could not allow to be buried in a dank grave on a hillside lost forever to the chronicles of history.

We too often overlook the hardships of immigrants like Ivan in Vol 2 who was separated from his true love, Hilda,  in the internment camps of Germany only to be dragged into court in America believing he was to relive the horrors of his war torn homeland.  In a twist of fate a knowing and understanding judge turned that fate into a gift that sent him on a journey enjoying the freedoms of his new home.

They are Tales from the Hills and Hollers that I know will bring a better understanding of the real people living across this great land that have helped to build the country we all call home.  Just click on this button below to take this opportunity to purchase my books and bring the joy of reading about people just like you and me.

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You can also purchase some signed copies for some friends who can also enjoy the tales and stories of these wonderful people.


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How can I offer this guarantee?  Simple.  I’m so confident that you’ll enjoy this book that you will be compelled to purchase more as gifts for your family and friends and will in no way wish to even let this book get out of your sight.


“If you want to get my book back, you’re going to have to come to my house and rip it from my cold dead hands,” laughed one woman when I told her about this guarantee.


Go ahead and click on the button to the right and let your family and friends enjoy the same great stories that you will find in this book.

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“When I got to the end,” said a retired gentleman, “all I could think about was Where’s the rest.  I want to read more.”————————————————Well, there is more coming out in my next book due off the press this coming Spring.  Check back and I’ll let you preview some the wonderful stories that keep coming in from the Hills and Hollers of Mid-America.Author:  Tales from the Hills and Hollers, Vol 1 & Vol 2 


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